SZGH CNC1000MDb-4 4 Axis

SZGH-CNC1000MDb-4 4 Axis Milling & Drilling CNC Controller CNC1000MDb-4 is 4 axis milling CNC controller with PLC,macro , ATC and encoder feedback function. And widely applied in CNC milling machinery; machining center; milling center; wood working machine; compatible with SZGH all of motor and driver Check Current Price Advantage ATC function: Umbrella Type/Arm Type/Linear Type/Servo … Read more


SZGH-CNC990TDb-2 is 2 Axis(X Z) economic type Lathe CNC Controller ,with 8.4 inches display(800×600) ,2 analog spindle ,2ms interpolation in high speed, support ATC , PLC and macro function. which obviously improve the efficiency,precision and surface quality of parts processing. New USB interface,it shupports the file operation and program running in flash disk. Current Price … Read more


DSP 3 Axis Controller NK105G2 As an engraver motion control system based on embedded platform, NK105 is controlled by handheld terminal and control box together, featuring delicate appearance, powerful functionality and flexible operation. It has the following advantages: with the advanced control algorithm adopted, machining quality is well guaranteed; advanced functions are available, like breakpoint … Read more


CNC Offline Controller DDCS-EXPERT The DDCS Expert is a 3 to 5-axis motion controller for turning stepper and servo systems on and off, with a 7/10.2 full color display. The maximum output pulse per axis is 1MHz. user-defined function keys are available. This controller supports multi-spindle mode, straight tool magazine, gantry type tool magazine and … Read more

RichAuto Controller Different

Type Axis ATC Multi-head Features Note RichAuto-B15E 3 × √ XYZ Support step motor RichAuto-B18E 4 × × XYZA(3D engrave) Step motor RichAuto-B51E-STEP 3 × × XYZ Support step RichAuto-B51E-SERVO 3 × × XYZ Servo motor RichAuto-B57E -STEP 3 √ × Support auto tool changer Support step RichAuto-B57E-SERVO 3 √ × Support auto tool changer … Read more

RichAuto DSP-B57

Advantage 4 axis linkages control mode A/B/C rotating codes format and M code control Circular column, shuttle-shaped column, podetium all can be processed Widely applied in woodworking, stone processing, artworks industries 3D carving fields Higher precision, stronger stability Added fixed calibration function Easy to learn and operate Supports stepper drive and servo drive Effective processing … Read more


3/4 Axis XHC USB MOTION CONTROL CARD Advantage Fully supporting all Mach3 versions Support 1.5 meters USB cable Supports Up 4-axis Maximum step-pulse frequency is 2000KHz Status indicator LED can be useful to show the USB connection, and working status by flashing. 8 general-purpose input,4 output all IO-port isolation, interference, stable performance Full support for … Read more

NC Studio Controller 3 Axis

Advantage 15 pin breakout board7mm diameter cable8 year rich manufacture experiencesteady quality and perfect production Current Price Features of Ncstudio Control Card: The system can directly support UG, MASTERCAM, CASMATE, Art CAM, AUTOCAD, CorelDraw and other CAD CAM software to generate G-code, PLT code format and carved processing files ENG code format (carved file format … Read more


XC809D multi-function CNC system is a new generation CNC system developed by our company. Support carving, milling, drilling, and tapping. It adopts a 32-bit high-performance microprocessor, real-time multi-task control technology, and hardware interpolation technology, full linkage, high-speed small line segment look-ahead algorithm. 0.001mm interpolation accuracy, the highest speed of 30 m/min. It is the best … Read more

MACH3 USB Motion Card 4-Axis

1. Support four-axis linkage, which can be connected to four stepping motor drives or servo drives;2. The maximum stepping pulse frequency is 100kHz, which is suitable for servo or stepper motors;3. Support automatic probe tool4. Support emergency input5. Limit switch bracket6. Connect the bracket of the electronic handwheel7. An external 24V DC power supply is … Read more