CNC Offline Controller DDCS-EXPERT The DDCS Expert is a 3 to 5-axis motion controller for turning stepper and servo systems on and off, with a 7/10.2 full color display. The maximum output pulse per axis is 1MHz. user-defined function keys are available. This controller supports multi-spindle mode, straight tool magazine, gantry type tool magazine and … Read more


The EC500 is a high performance external motion controller for MACH3, with ethernet interface, supporting the standard MPG pendant. the device can communicate with a network connection from a control computer. The network connection can be built with direct connection or via router/swith devices. The computer connects to the EC500 via a standard Ethernet cable. … Read more


Advantage NCH02 is a CNC system without computer. Only need a U-disk within G-CODE file,NCH02 can read the G file and run the G file.


NVEMV2.1 support Mach3 software and standard MPG,through Ethernet to communicate with computer,just use the Twine to connect directly or transfer with router.NVEMV2.1 motion controller adopts the ARM design framework.The ARM design includes Communication,codeanalytic,underlying algorithm and pulse gerneration. Rational design,reliablecontrol,convenient operation. Advantage Support Ethernet; 12 ports photoelectric isolated input interface for ordinary digital data; 10 ports … Read more


NVCM is the 6 axis motion controller,NVCM support Mach3 software, through USB port to communicate with computer. Advantage Support USB; 16 ports photoelectric isolated input interface; 16 ports photoelectric isolated output interface; 1 port 0-10V spindle speed analog output interface(can change to PWM output); can support 6 axis stepper systems maxisim,125KHz pulse output for every … Read more


The NVUM Mach3 usb card is 6axis cnc controller,support mach3 software and MPG.It takes our 4 years to design,adopts ARM framework.includes communication,rational design,reliablecontrol,convenient operation. NVUM CNC Controller Nvum cnc controller is a mach3 control card with USB interface. It supports multiple functions, including spindle PWM control, electrical isolation, emergency function, setting water cooler, and supports … Read more