RichAuto Controller Different

Type Axis ATC Multi-head Features Note RichAuto-B15E 3 × √ XYZ Support step motor RichAuto-B18E 4 × × XYZA(3D engrave) Step motor RichAuto-B51E-STEP 3 × × XYZ Support step RichAuto-B51E-SERVO 3 × × XYZ Servo motor RichAuto-B57E -STEP 3 √ × Support auto tool changer Support step RichAuto-B57E-SERVO 3 √ × Support auto tool changer … Read more

RichAuto DSP-B57

Advantage 4 axis linkages control mode A/B/C rotating codes format and M code control Circular column, shuttle-shaped column, podetium all can be processed Widely applied in woodworking, stone processing, artworks industries 3D carving fields Higher precision, stronger stability Added fixed calibration function Easy to learn and operate Supports stepper drive and servo drive Effective processing … Read more

RichAuto DSP A11

The DSP A11 is independent from PC platform, can read files from U Disk,it is very easy to process G code or PLT file.This DSP CNC controller A11 version is the updated controller on the base of DSP 0501 Current Rich Auto A11 Price A11 System Upgrade Notice 1,Old model use 5v power supply, new model DSP use 24v2,New model DSP … Read more