CNC Offline Controller DDCS-EXPERT

The DDCS Expert is a 3 to 5-axis motion controller for turning stepper and servo systems on and off, with a 7/10.2 full color display. The maximum output pulse per axis is 1MHz. user-defined function keys are available. This controller supports multi-spindle mode, straight tool magazine, gantry type tool magazine and disk type tool magazine. The operating system interface is very comprehensive but can be learned in a very short time.
DDCS Expert CNC system adopts ARM+FPGA design framework. The ARM controls the HMI and code analysis, while the FPGA provides the underlying algorithms and creates the control pulses. This ensures reliable control and simple operation.
The internal operating system is Linux-based.
DDCS Expert can be used on many styles and types of CNC machines. Lathes, routers, pick and place and milling machines, lathes and tools are just a few examples. DDCS Expert runs as a stand-alone system without the need for a computer. This ensures high accuracy, precision and reliability.

DDCS Expert Standalone Motion Controller Offline Controller Support 3 / 4 / 5 axis USB CNC controller


  • Max. 5 Axis; 1M Hz output frequency for each axis; 2-4 Axis linear interpolation, any 2 axis circular interpolation;
  • 7 inch full color display screen
  • Supports multiple spindle mode, support straight Tool Magazine, gantry type Magazine, disk type magazine;
  • Supprt Floating Probe and Fixed Probe;
  • Support file share and online machining the remote files by Ethernet;
  • Support Pause Breakpoint resume, “Power Cut” recovery, Start from the specific line;
  • Support the fuction of Back to orignal point


  • Does NOT support slaving Axis 

Manual and Software

DDCS expert manual 1

DDCS expert controller software 2020.9.28

DDCS expert manual 2

DDCS expert controller software 2020-10-09-01

DDCS expert schematics v1

post processor for Vectric Aspire Download

How-to-build-up-Ethernet-Network220218 Download

DDCSE20220208 Software-rar Download

The version 2022-02-08 software added one very important feature for DDCS-Expert, the users can configurate the slave axis, that is very useful for Doube-Y structure CNC machine.Here is the related parameters:
#488 -p1 -a3 -t2 -s1"Programming axis of physical axis 1" -m1 -min=0.000 -max=4.000 -i0"X" -i1"Y" -i2"Z" -i3"4th" -i4"5th"-s3" "
#489 -p1 -a3 -t2 -s1"Programming axis of physical axis 2" -m1 -min=0.000 -max=4.000 -i0"X" -i1"Y" -i2"Z" -i3"4th" -i4"5th"-s3" "
#490 -p1 -a3 -t2 -s1"Programming axis of physical axis 3" -m1 -min=0.000 -max=4.000 -i0"X" -i1"Y" -i2"Z" -i3"4th" -i4"5th"-s3" "
#491 -p1 -a4 -t2 -s1"Programming axis of physical axis 4" -m1 -min=0.000 -max=4.000 -i0"X" -i1"Y" -i2"Z" -i3"4th" -i4"5th"-s3" "
#492 -p1 -a5 -t2 -s1"Programming axis of physical axis 5" -m1 -min=0.000 -max=4.000 -i0"X" -i1"Y" -i2"Z" -i3"4th" -i4"5th"-s3" "
For example, If you want configurate the 4th. Axis as the slave axis for Y axis, set the #491 to "1".

ATC-Programe-EN Download

DDCS-Expert-Battery-Problems Download

DDCSE-K1_K7-key-definition Download

DDCS-Expert-install-file-description Download

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