DDCSV 3.1 CNC Controller

DDCSV3.1 is a 3-axis or 4-axis independent motion controller for stepping and servo systems. It combines powerful functions and small size, and is easy to use. I believe that you will become familiar with its functions soon. Each axis of it supports a maximum output pulse of 500 kHz with adjustable pulse width. The control cycle of each position is only 4 milliseconds, making the stepper motor and servo motor provide high control accuracy.

DDCSV3.1 offline CNC system adopts ARM + FPGA design. It has ARM control man-machine interface and code analysis and FPGA provides the underlying algorithm and creates control pulses. This ensures control and easy operation. The panel layout structure is also very reasonable, saving a lot of space. It is controlled by a total of 17 operation keys and supports most G code sets.

DDCSV3.1 can be used for many styles and types of CNC machine tools such as lathes, milling machines, pick and place and milling. It can be run as an independent system without connecting to a computer.

DDCSV3.1 wiring diagram

DDCSV3.1 wiring diagram
DDCSV3.1 wiring diagram
DDCSV3.1 connect mpg wiring diagram
DDCSV3.1 connect mpg wiring diagram

DDCSv3.1 connect mgp wiring

ddcsv3.1 standard mpg wiring

DDCSV3.1 Review

  1. Reasonable panel layout structure, very space saving
    2,17 key operation control, support comprehensive G code set
  2. Provide high-precision control, accuracy and reliability of stepper motors and servo motors
  3. ARM and FPGA design framework to ensure reliable control and easy operation
  4. Offline system operation without computer
  5. The volume is similar to a small box, which can be put into a small control box or control cabinet

DDCS v3.1 cnc controller new firmware (2020-03-06-112)

DDCSV3.1 Manual

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