The EC500 is a high performance external motion controller for MACH3, with ethernet interface, supporting the standard MPG pendant. the device can communicate with a network connection from a control computer. The network connection can be built with direct connection or via router/swith devices. The computer connects to the EC500 via a standard Ethernet cable. the cable can be protected or unshield ed. One advantage of ethernet compared to a USB is that the cable length maybe as long as 100 meters. The maximum length for a USB cable is 5 meters, and that’s pushing it into a noisy work environment. another advantage is that ethernet uses transformers to couple data signals, which galvanically isolate the computer from downstream electronics. The device can be used to control machine tools with sliding motor or servo controls with pulse and diretion interfaces; the controller can output a maximum of 460 khz which step frequency for each shafts and can work with up to 6-axes.the controller is 3-6 shaft for user options.

CNC Mach3 Ethernet Motion Controller EC500 460kHz 3/4/5/6 Axis Motion Control Card for milling machine


  • Ethernet communication interface for PC
  • Stepper/door driver connection servo motor
  • MPG Port
  • Functional switch for MPG: MPG standard or digital dream MPG
  • Extension port series
  • Input port: limit/home/probe and so on

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