F2300A CNC controller is a new product, absorbing the advantages of many CNC controller,which is more user-friendly, more convenient and more cost-effective. The controller can control the motion of two axes, which is apt to the application of flame, plasma or laser cutting. This series is suitable for all two axis CNC machines whichsupport position control mode.

The Flame Plasma Cutting Machine Controller high performance ARM chip and ultra large scale programmable device FPGA, runs multi task real-time operating system and adopts the method of combining software interpolation with hardware interpolation, making high-speed operation more stable and reliable. Reflect speed is very fast. Based on Fangling’s research of CNC system for many years, the machines control is more stable and the protection mechanism is quite good.

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F2300A VS F2300AT

The one with T is the built-in height controller function


  • Support All languages except Arabic are supported
  • Build-in 47 common graphics libraries (including grid graphics) with the option to set the tile size and hole size
  • Support EIA code (G code) and FastCAM, FreeNest, SmartNest, IBE, etc.
  • Supports suffixes TXT, CNC, NC, MPG, B3 and other G codes.
  • Customizable coordinate system, supporting all eight possibilities for two-dimensional coordinates
  • Customizable all input and output port types (normally open or normally closed) and numbered
  • U disk upgrade, convenient, simple and practical
  • Support system backup and system restore
  • Supports 4 modes of oxygen gas, plasma, dusting and demonstration
  • Oxygen gas is automatically adjusted, two-stage preheating, three-stage perforation
  • Plasma arc pressure feedback, positioning feedback, automatic closing of the arc voltage
  • Built-in plasma arc pressure automatic / manual height adjustment function
  • Support edge cutting, reduce warm-up time for thicker steel plates
  • Accelerate and decelerate in real time during exercise
  • According to the thickness of the steel plate, the speed limit can be automatically set at the corner to effectively prevent overburning.
  • Manually select the starting line or select the perforation point
  • Dynamic/static processing graphic display, graphic enlargement/reduction, dynamic tracking cutting point in zoomed state
  • DSP high-speed, high-precision interpolation control, high-speed operation, stable operation, low noise
  • Arbitrarily set the starting speed, lifting speed time
  • With power-off, breakpoint protection memory




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