MACH3 USB Motion Card 4-Axis

1. Support four-axis linkage, which can be connected to four stepping motor drives or servo drives;
2. The maximum stepping pulse frequency is 100kHz, which is suitable for servo or stepper motors;
3. Support automatic probe tool
4. Support emergency input
5. Limit switch bracket
6. Connect the bracket of the electronic handwheel
7. An external 24V DC power supply is required to isolate the USB and external ports to make the system more stable.
8. With 0-10V output port, mach3 software can be used to control the spindle motor speed.
9. 4 universal inputs, can be connected to limit switches, emergency stop switches, probe switches, zero return and other devices
10. 4 Universal isolated relay drive output interface, which can drive four relays to control spindle start, forward and reverse rotation, pump and other devices;
11. 1 status LED, indicating the connection status on the board.

CNC USB MACH3 Breakout Board 100Khz 4-Axis Interface Driver Motion Controller Driver Board for CNC Engraving 12-24V


The USB motion control card has the advantages of small size, convenient use, strong anti-interference ability, no need to install any USB driver, etc., and can be used after the computer is plugged in. , Applicable to all versions of Windows. All Mach3 versions are fully supported.