MK2 CNC Controller

The MK2 Board is 4 axis controller for stepper motor, you can use it offline running and it frequency max is 100khz,it is better for use do sample work. it is support many system such as Vista, win xp/7/8.It has many advanced features to assist day-to-day CNC machine operation.
I think this is mini cnc board, you will like.

  • USB CNC motion controllers link between a personal computer and motor drivers supporting step/direction control. They are compatible with most drivers. The controllers use the USB port, available on all modern computers and laptops. They can serve as direct replacement or upgrade for many parallel port break-out boards.
  • The Mk2/4 controller supporting up to 4 axes. The Mk2/4 controller is essentially a 4 axis version of the Mk2 controller, supporting the same high pulse rate and advanced software functions. It also provides DB25 and built-in screw terminal connections.
  • It has many advanced features to assist day-to-day CNC machine operation.

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  • Support for manual functions
  • Support offline running
  • 4-axis controller for stepper and servo motors
  • USB connection
  • 100 kHz maximum frequency of the step
  • 8 limit switches
  • 5 input
  • The spindle index signal supports axis synchronization
  • Supporting tool change process
  • Supporting tool length sensor
  • Sensors are used for capture and measurement
  • Supporting digital survey
  • Gap compensation
  • API
  • Convenient input and output connections
  • Size:10 cm * 10 cm


Wiring Diagram


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