NVEMV2.1 support Mach3 software and standard MPG,through Ethernet to communicate with computer,just use the Twine to connect directly or transfer with router.NVEMV2.1 motion controller adopts the ARM design framework.The ARM design includes Communication,codeanalytic,underlying algorithm and pulse gerneration. Rational design,reliablecontrol,convenient operation. Advantage Support Ethernet; 12 ports photoelectric isolated input interface for ordinary digital data; 10 ports … Read more


NVCM is the 6 axis motion controller,NVCM support Mach3 software, through USB port to communicate with computer. Advantage Support USB; 16 ports photoelectric isolated input interface; 16 ports photoelectric isolated output interface; 1 port 0-10V spindle speed analog output interface(can change to PWM output); can support 6 axis stepper systems maxisim,125KHz pulse output for every … Read more

RZNC 0501

0501 DSP controller This product is not produced by Richauto. DSP controller for CNC router, USB connect, can be used without computer suitable for 3 axis Model: 0501 Contents 3 axis  control system Processor 128M DSP File Memorizer 128M memorizer inside, it supports file  with any size because of adopting mobile memorize technology Display LCD with 128 dot*64 dot Communication Terminals USB terminal and U Disk File Format G code , PLT files (optional) Axes 3 axes Help Function Useful help information and guide Languages Chinese, English(optional) Operating Interface Friendly Buttons and Menu Drive Drive System Step Motors Interpolation function linear, curve Cutter Adjusting function Yes Spindle Control Function … Read more


F2300A CNC controller is a new product, absorbing the advantages of many CNC controller,which is more user-friendly, more convenient and more cost-effective. The controller can control the motion of two axes, which is apt to the application of flame, plasma or laser cutting. This series is suitable for all two axis CNC machines whichsupport position … Read more


SF-2300S Plasma Flame Cutting Machine Controller with higher reliability. This controller also has many advantages, such as strong resistance to plasma interference, resistance to lightning strikes and surges. You can also use the remote control for remote operation. Slotted compensation and breakpoint recovery are also its characteristics. If you want to OEM the controller, you … Read more

RichAuto DSP A11

The DSP A11 is independent from PC platform, can read files from U Disk,it is very easy to process G code or PLT file.This DSP CNC controller A11 version is the updated controller on the base of DSP 0501 Current Rich Auto A11 Price A11 System Upgrade Notice 1,Old model use 5v power supply, new model DSP use 24v2,New model DSP … Read more

Smoothieboard V1.1

Smoothieboard is an Open-Source Hardware CNC controller designed by the Smoothie community to run the Smoothieware firmware. Pros Can control several machine types ( 3D printers, lasers, CNC mills/routers ) Easy to setup and use Easy to do weird, new and exciting things with Easy to develop The board is for v1, the first version … Read more