Ruida RDC6445G Controller for Co2 Laser Engraving Cutting Machine

The DSP controller Ruida RDC6445G is used for CO2 laser machine,a new generation system for control of laser engraving and cutting,RDC6445G provided with stronger software function including perfect 4-axle motion control function, large-capacity file storage, two-channel adjustable digits laser power control interface, USB driver of stronger compatibility, multi-channel general/special IO control, and, this system can communicate with PC by USB2.0 or Ethernet, and the communication mode is automatically checked by the system.

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RDC6445G vs RDC6442G

Ruida RDC6445G

  • 4 axis Laser Engraving & Cutting
  • 10/100M Ethernet USB2.0 Control
  • Multi-language(En Ru Es Pt)13 language
  • 5” TFT screen

Ruida RDC6442G

  • 3.5 inch Colorful Screen
  • Free Software RDWorks
  • 12 language
  • Double-Head Linkage(644XS)
  • 3.5 inch screen

It has some advantage of Ruida RDC6445G:
We can set parameters and vendor parameters from the panel by 0-9 number keys, Also can easy press keys to up down the lift worktable and auto feed front back material by “Z+”/”Z-” and “U+” “U-” key,
Used “Focus” key, we can easy auto focus when change different thickness material, no need use ruler to find focus length.
It add manual and continuous switch keys

RuiDa Controller Setup Video

Wiring diagram

Ruida controller password

At software on PC, the password is rd8888; In panel, the password for reset the default parameters is hf8888; the one to set current parameters as default value is cc8888

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