RichAuto DSP A11

RichAuto A11

The DSP A11 is independent from PC platform, can read files from U Disk,it is very easy to process G code or PLT file.This DSP CNC controller A11 version is the updated controller on the base of DSP 0501

Current Rich Auto A11 Price

A11 System Upgrade Notice

1,Old model use 5v power supply, new model DSP use 24v
2,New model DSP can be used for both New and old wiring board, but New model DSP can’t use old wiring board,If use New DSP for old wiring board, the screen doesn’t light up

What’s the difference between RichAuto A11E and A11S?

For the Operation and its system, it is all same. It could set the Language in DSP by yourself.
The Only different is:
The handle surface of A11E is English words without Chinese.(Default delivery model)
The handle surface of A11S have English and Chinese words.

Wiring Instructions

Input terminal

sensor input Mechanical(Y Z are the same as X)

NPN(NO):(Y Z are the same as X)

PNP(NO):(Y Z are the same as X)

Tool-setting input:Tool-setting detecting wiring

X5-X8 Driver alarm,Hard limit ,E-stop signal

Output terminal

J2 X pulse signal wiring (Y Z are the same as X)

Stepper driver

Servo driver

J7 Spindle inverter

2 status:spindle start/stop

The corresponding spindle setting is

8 status: spindle start-S1-speed 1,S2-speed 2,Sn-speed n, when spindle stop, the screen displays Fn-the speed before spindle stop.

3 lines,8 status

The corresponding spindle setting is

PS:PWD and DCM had Connected in Parallel in some inverters, please do not need to connect Y1 (S0) in such situations ,you only need connect DCM with GND of interface board,without having to re-set the spindle gear.

Output Y5-Alarm LED and Y6-Work LED

you can connect the machine the control system when the above setting is over.

Upgrade RichAuto DSP A11

1. Store the latest upgraded compressed file to a USB flash drive and connect it to the RichAuto A11 control handle. In general, the file format is “**.PKG” and the handle screen appears as“ rz-xxxx” or “qxx-xx”.
2. Next, press the “MENU” and then select “System Setup” and press “ORIGIN OK” to enter. Press “X+1▲” and “X-5▼” to select “Auto Upgrade”. (or Press “MENU” + “ORIGIN OK”. Screen display “Select Upgrade File”.)At this time, “Select Upgrade File” will be displayed on the screen;
3. Press “ORIGIN OK” to enter, choose “U disk File“,select the upgrade file. press “ORIGIN OK” ,system will auto upgrade.
4. After upgrade to complete, restart the handle.

richauto a11 firmware download

Change Language from Chinese to English

Press “menu”button,choose“系统参数配置”(system parameter configuration) Press“OK”button,choose“选择语言”(select  language) Press“OK”button,choose “English” Press“OK”button

RichAuto A11 blank screen

Something we can find RichAuto DSP controller LCD is on but a blank screen with nothing, but indicator light is on.


  1. Software malfunction, therefore we can correct it by crisis recovery.
  2. Computer software malfunction, but can not repair it by our personal you’ll ought to deliver it straight back to the distributor to re-put in the software or get a completely new one.
  3. Hardware malfunction, need to send out the RichAuto cnc control portable device straight back to the dealer to exchange the cracked hardware or acquire a fresh one.

RichAuto A11 DSP Controller how to fixed Blank Screen by ourselves

Note, back up your data parameters before repairing.

1,Power off the cnc router.
2,Press the key “ORIGIN / OK” on the RichAuto A11 keyboard and no loosen it, meantime switch on the router machine. After keep pressing key “ORIGIN / OK” for 5 seconds, then loosen it.
3,Choose “Emerg program“, press “ORIGIN / OK,” it’s formatting and will appear the dialog
4,Choose “Normal Version,” press “ORIGIN / OK,” then appear dialog
5,Press “ORIGIN / OK,” then return to the previous menu
6,Last step, please turn off and turn on the cnc router.
The emergency recovery setting is complete.


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