RichAuto DSP A18

RichAuto DSP A18 provides 8-core high-performance CPU, which can make the processing speed faster, and supports offline operation, which is simple and fast.
It also provides an intelligent storage function, which can save the current state in the event of a power failure or breakpoint.
If you often use cnc controllers, you must have a headache for inevitable errors. This controller adds safety warning and exception reminding functions.
In order to protect important information from being changed, you can also use hardware encryption, setting parameter encryption and other methods.
Powerful anti-interference function is also a very important feature of it

DSP A18 is DSP core control system, high-speed processing operation is the microcontroller, PLC systems can’t match; Use embedded structure, high degree of integration, strong stability,easy to installation and operation; U disk support,removable storage card reader,with USB Interface, high speed transfer, plug and play the full realization of all work offline.

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  • support 4 axes coordinated motion control
  • Support A/C code format and special ˊMˊ code control.
  • User definable I/O interface
  • support “breaking point processing” and “power failure” function.
  • More powerful anti-interference performance
  • Parameters backup and recovery function protect the important parameter from missing.
  • Achieve complex graph processing, such as cylinder, prism, polyhedron etc.


Handle controller

Interface Board

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