RichAuto DSP-B57


  1. 4 axis linkages control mode
  2. A/B/C rotating codes format and M code control
  3. Circular column, shuttle-shaped column, podetium all can be processed
  4. Widely applied in woodworking, stone processing, artworks industries 3D carving fields
  5. Higher precision, stronger stability
  6. Added fixed calibration function
  7. Easy to learn and operate
  8. Supports stepper drive and servo drive
  9. Effective processing and fast speed
  10. Apply in jade carving machines, mold engraving, etc. high precisions equipment

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  1. 5-inch color screen, simulation processing, real-time G code viewing
  2. Industrial shell design, solid and reliable, dust-proof, anti-interference
  3. File preview and work path real-time browsing
  4. Button-type operation, easy to learn and operation
  5. Powerful hardware platform foundation supports secondary development
  6. Max supports 64 definable I/O ports, strong secondary development ability
  7. Easy to achieve process requirements such as automatic material delivery, workpiece turnover
  8. Supports file protection, parameter encryption, and trial password protect rights and interests of cooperative partners
  9. Advanced functions such as tool broken continue carving, array work, part work, find break number, power failure protect (get details from the user’s manual)
  10. Meet special processing requirements, such as mirror work, auto center and scale work (learn more from the user’s manual)
  11. 3-kind of manual modes, continuous/ step/distance which give both fine adjusting and efficiency into consideration
  12. Viewable I/O ports status, control and check the logic level of I/O signals
  13. System self-check function such as screen self-test, buttons test
  14. Supports system parameters backup and recovery

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