RZNC 0501

0501 DSP controller

  1. This product is not produced by Richauto.
  2. DSP controller for CNC router, USB connect, can be used without computer
  3. suitable for 3 axis
  4. Model: 0501

RZNC 0501 DSP Controller 3 Axis 0501 System For Cnc Router DSP0501 HKNC 0501HDDC Handle
Contents3 axis  control system
Processor128M DSP
File Memorizer
128M memorizer inside, it supports file 

with any size because of adopting 
mobile memorize technology
DisplayLCD with 128 dot*64 dot
Communication TerminalsUSB terminal and U Disk
File FormatG code , PLT files (optional)
Axes3 axes
Help FunctionUseful help information and guide
LanguagesChinese, English(optional)
Operating InterfaceFriendly Buttons and Menu Drive
Drive SystemStep Motors
Interpolation functionlinear, curve
Cutter Adjusting functionYes
Spindle Control FunctionYes
System Data Inspect FunctionYes
Processing Data InspectFunctionYes
Processing Position
Adjusting Function
Multi Working CoordinatesIt has 9 working coordinates
Stop Point ReprocessingFunctionYes
Copy Processing FunctionYes
Data protection whenpower offYes
Working Temperature0C to +70C
Humidity<90 no dew no frost
Outer Voltage5 V
Consumptions2 W

0501 DSP controller-Wiring

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