SF-2300S Plasma Flame Cutting Machine Controller with higher reliability. This controller also has many advantages, such as strong resistance to plasma interference, resistance to lightning strikes and surges. You can also use the remote control for remote operation. Slotted compensation and breakpoint recovery are also its characteristics. If you want to OEM the controller, you can also define your own logo image. If upgrading the system is also relatively easy, only need to import the upgrade program U disk. The 10.4-inch color display makes the picture display clearer. For most needs, it is a good controller.

SF-2300S CNC cutting machine system, could control the machine tool to do the flame or plasma cutting. It can be set according to the process selection (set of parameters see the seventh chapter). The operation and display of the system, there are step by step function window for prompt. For example: in the main window menu, call a function, the system will launch the function of the sub window menu. According to the screen prompts,  press from [F1] to [F8] to select the corresponding function, press the [ESC] button to return to the previous menu.


  • U disk upgrade, convenient and simple
  • Support plasma dynamic perforation
  • 48 kinds of standard libraries, quick to use

How to Upgrade

  1. Format the U disk in FAT or FAT32 format. It is recommended to use FAT format.
  2. Copy the upgrade file into the U disk, the name of the upgrade file must be STARTCNC.EXE.
  3. Press and hold the arrow button on the left side of the USB port, turn on the system power, power on the system, and insert the U disk into the USB port of the system;
  4. The system automatically enters the upgrade interface, press the F1 key on the panel (that is, the key corresponding to the upgrade);
  5. If the upgrade is normal, after the upgrade is completed, the system will display “Upgrade successful!”.
  6. Turn off the power, pull out the U disk, and the upgrade process is complete.

SF2300s Installation Size

Starfire SF-2300S Manual

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