The SMC4-4-16A16B 4-Axis CNC Motion Controller is used for Carving Machine Control System, which can realize four-axis linkage, uses a 32-bit cpu processor, has a faster response, and has a storage capacity of more than 2g. The equipped LCD screen is user-friendly Windowed man-machine interface.

The latest “motion controller” developed by our studio adopts high performance 32-bit CPU, equipped with LCD display, humanized window human-machine interface, and external TF card for memory. Storage space is more than 2G, working voltage and control voltage isolation. Way, touch keyboard. The system has the characteristics of high reliability, high precision, low noise and easy operation. The controller can be four-axis linkage, with a variety of micro-line segment forward control algorithm, can realize four-axis linear interpolation and four-axis multi-micro-line segment continuous interpolation, and intermittent continuous engraving control. Simple and clear parameters bring convenience and speed to your operation. Input/output setting function for your convenience and maintenance.

smc4-4-16a16b user manual

smc4-4-16a16b wiring diagram

smc4-4-16a16b setup

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