STB5100 Card

STB5100 is 5 axis mach3 USB controller card,support all mach3 software and all Windows operation system.

  • Support Windows XP, Windows 7 32/64bit, Windows8, Windows10 operating system
  • Applicable to all versions of mach3 software
  • The maximum output pulse frequency is 100KHz
  • PWM speed control signal

Without a shell, the maximum pulse output is only 100kHZ

stb5100 manual

Tingle Tension System Screw Driven STB5100 Mach3 CNC Engraver Complete Kit

4 Axis Newest WorkBee CNC Router Machine

The WorkBee CNC design has gone through different changes. WorkBee Version 1 originally had the leadscrews placed in compression. All Bulk Man 3D’s WorkBee kits now sold areNewest Version, with the major differences being the use of leadscrew tensioner and longer leadscrews in the X and Y Axis. This helps to solve the problem of Whipping when for long length or faster Speed. 

Mach3 ( STB5100) Controller Bundle are perfectly used for engraving machine.

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