XC809D multi-function CNC system is a new generation CNC system developed by our company. Support carving, milling, drilling, and tapping. It adopts a 32-bit high-performance microprocessor, real-time multi-task control technology, and hardware interpolation technology, full linkage, high-speed small line segment look-ahead algorithm. 0.001mm interpolation accuracy, the highest speed of 30 m/min. It is the best … Read more


F2300A CNC controller is a new product, absorbing the advantages of many CNC controller,which is more user-friendly, more convenient and more cost-effective. The controller can control the motion of two axes, which is apt to the application of flame, plasma or laser cutting. This series is suitable for all two axis CNC machines whichsupport position … Read more


SF-2300S Plasma Flame Cutting Machine Controller with higher reliability. This controller also has many advantages, such as strong resistance to plasma interference, resistance to lightning strikes and surges. You can also use the remote control for remote operation. Slotted compensation and breakpoint recovery are also its characteristics. If you want to OEM the controller, you … Read more