TC55H motion controller adopts 32-bit high-performance CPU and is equipped with color display screen with resolution of 320*240. The system is stable and reliable, pulseThe highest frequency can reach 400K, 4 feed shafts, 1 simulation spindle and 2ms high-speed interpolation, which greatly improves the processing speed, precision and table of parts Surface quality. G code programming mode (including our company’s custom instructions) and USB interface are adopted, which supports importing boot pictures and programs into U disk.

The stability of the system has been greatly improved, and the improvement of pulse frequency has made the control system The maximum processing speed of the system is greatly improved. Can be widely used as engraving machine, electric welding machine, numerical control machine tool, cutting machine, laser phototypesetting, plotter, labeling machine,Packaging machinery and other control systems.


  • X, Y, Z and C four-axis control
  • 2ms interpolation period
  • Output pulse frequency of uniaxial linear interpolation: 400K
  • Output pulse frequency of circular interpolation: 300K
  • Output pulse frequency of four-axis linear interpolation: 350K
  • One channel of 0V~10V analog voltage output, which supports Spindle control and can be connected to frequency converter or servo
  • USB interface, supporting the import of U disk files and pictures
  • 1-way panel handwheel, supporting manual 1 μ m, 10 μ m and 100 μ m feeding
  • 16-point general input /8-point general output
  • With power-off memory function
  • Special plane interface provides customized services for customers’ special functions