XC609M multi-purpose multi-purpose CNC system for my company developed a new generation of CNC system. Support milling, boring, attack, drilling and automatic feeding. Using 32-bit high-performance microprocessors, the use of real-time multi-task control technology and hardware interpolation technology, full linkage, 0.001mm interpolation accuracy, speed 12 m / min. It is the choice of CNC drilling machine, CNC milling machine, special machine tool, automatic equipment, automatic welding robot, feeding robot, coordinate robot and so on.

CNC Milling Controller 1-6 Axis Offline System XC609M Breakout Board Engraving Machine Control Combined Hmi Touch Screen


  • Based on 32-bit microprocessor, full linkage, 0.001 mm interpolation accuracy, and speed is 12 m/ min.
  • It can run 3 programs at the same time (1 main program,2 sub-programs), convenient processing, feeding, cutting procedures.
  • Using 3.5-inch color wide-screen LCD, resolution 480X320, fit for Win interface style.
  • Equipped with 5 soft function keys, easy to learn and operate.Provides rich display interface of the parameter classification, the alarm log, the system diagnosis, facilitating the debugging maintenance.
  • Standard G instruction, compatible with FANUC system instruction.
  • 40 kinds of G instructions, support drilling cycle, tapping cycle.
  • Part program full-screen editing, built-in 128M massive program space, can store N parts programs.
  • With USB interface, support file reading and writing, data backup of USB flash drive.
  • Input 24 (can be extended to 96) points, output 24 (can be extended to 96) points (user-defined), flexible and convenient.
  • The system adopts the acceleration and deceleration control before interpolation.
  • Support multi-level operation rights, convenient equipment management, time-limited system locking function.
  • Support third-party software G code files.